Amsterdam modern architecture

Amsterdam Modern architecture

Python Bridge Amsterdam

Python Bridge, Amsterdam modern architecture

Modern Architecture

Amsterdam has recently experienced a new wave of modern architecture that started in the 90’s. Here are some buildings and locations where these impressive designs can be seen.

The Python Bridge

This unusual bridge looks like a red snake and spans 90 meters. It connects Sporenburg and Borneo Island in Eastern Docklands. The red steel bridge was built in 2001 and won the International Footbridge Award in 2002.

NewMetropolis (NEMO)

Renzo Piano built this science museum in the shape of a ship that rises from or sinks into the waves, depending on the viewer. In fact , Piano reflected the shape of the IJ tunnel that disappears under the building (1997).

The KNSM Eiland

What were formerly factories on the eastern docklands of Amsterdam city, is now an impressive island of renovated and modern houses, apartments, shops and restaurants thanks to city planner Jo Coenen (1993). Keep your eye out for the ‘Piraeus’ (Hans Kollhoff, 1994) and ‘Barcelona’ (Bruno Albert, 1994) buildings.

Rokin 99

This extraordinary, post-modern, office building, no wider than a residential building, was designed by Architect Mart van Schijndel with an unusual green glass front (1990).


This neighbouring island was finished in 2000 and created by city planning designer Sjoerd Soeters (1995) with the help of various architects. The small canals and bridges criss-crossing the island are extraordinary and some have dubbed this ‘architecture touristique’.

New wing Van GoghMuseum

Japanese architect Kisho Kurokawa designed an oval-shaped exhibition room that already taken on several nicknames, including ‘The Oyster’ (1999).

Passengers Terminal Amsterdam

Danish architectural firm Hellmuth, Obata & Kassabaum designed this building mainly of glass in the form of a wave or a whale, depending on whom you ask (2000).


Designed by architects of MVRDV , this residential building resembles a container ship (2002).


A complex of senior housing in de Westelijke Tuinsteden designed by MVRDV (1997).

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