Short stay 3 bedroom apartments

Short stay Barcelona 3 bedroom apartments

Our extensive collection of short stay Barcelona 3 bedroom apartments allow 4-6 guests to relax comfortably whilst experiencing some privacy during your stay. A fitted kitchen and living room area make living together under one roof fun and sociable whilst the central location of our apartments means the city‘s highlights lie right at your doorstep for the taking.

Clean, stylishly designed and surprisingly affordable, our short stay Barcelona 3 bedroom apartments are particularly popular with families or groups of friends visiting Barcelona in search of a more authentic holiday experience without relying on a traditional hotel setting.

You can explore our most popular short stay Barcelona 3 bedroom apartments below or use our helpful search filter tool to view all apartment rentals and locate residences in your specific desired locations. Our 24 hour support team can answer any questions you may have and assist you with your booking.

Most popular short stay Barcelona 3 bedroom apartments

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