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Rotterdam Delfshaven

Rotterdam Delfshaven must see

A selection of Rotterdam city must sees

Rotterdam offers something for everyone: those who love the hectic bustle of the city or who want to rise up into the air or who want to look into the eyes of sharks, but also for people who are searching for the peace and beauty of nature. One of Rotterdam’s attractions is Diergaarde Blijdorp, the extensive zoo that includes the impressive Oceanium, where visitors can walk through the huge shark tunnel surrounded by sharks and giant tortoises. A visit to Rotterdam would not be complete without a tour of the harbour or a visit to the 185m-high Euromast.


In the 21st century, historic Delfshaven is more than just its history. It has now been discovered by fun-shoppers: where the United East Indies Company once built ships, Piet Heyn drank his beer and the Pilgrim Fathers spent the night before embarking on their voyage to America, you will now find antique shops, art dealers, small shops selling bric à brac, glass, (bridal) fashion, two interesting museums, an imposing church, two theatres and a corn mill.

Amphibious bus

Splashtours enables you to discover Rotterdam in a very special way: discover the city from the inside of a hypermodern amphibious bus! After driving past Rotterdam’s most attractive locations, there’s a spectacular SPLASH into the Maas river, and then you will cruise past the glorious skyline. The Splashtours departure point is located at Coolsingel, near Maritime Museum Rotterdam, in the centre of Rotterdam.

Spido Harbourtrips

At the foot of the Erasmus Bridge, Spido offers a 75 minutes during tour along the imposing architecture of Rotterdam. During the tour you’re be able to make beautiful pictures of de famous hotel New York en you pass by the Euromast and the picturesque Veerhaven. Meanwhile you can enjoy the busy water traffic, sea-going an inland ships pass by. In short: during the discovery tour on one of the modern Spido-ships, you experience Rotterdam in an unique, unforgettable way. Besides this one, Spido offers also an extended harbour tour to the bustling Botlek area in the harbour of Rotterdam. In July and August Spido provide complete day tours to the Delta Works and the Europoort.

  • Point of departure: Willemsplein 85, at the base of the Erasmus Bridge (Centre side).

Euromast & Euroscope

The Euromast Tower is the highest observation tower in the Netherlands. At 100 metres, the tower provides a fantastic panoramic 360° view of the city and much further afield. Visitors who want to go even higher can take the Euroscope, a rotating lift, another 85 metres to the top. Daredevils can rope slide or abseil from the top of the Euromast Tower.

  • Address: Euromast, Parkhaven 20, 3016 GM Rotterdam.

Diergaarde Blijdorp (Zoo)

Diergaarde Blijdorp is one of the most popular daytime attractions in the Netherlands. Walk through different parts of the world, seeing interesting animals that feel right at home in an approximation of their natural habitats. An interesting feature at Diergaarde Blijdorp is the Oceanium. Feast your eyes on your journey through this enchanting world of water, filled with ocean and coastal dwellers, including exotic fish, puffins, playful sea otters, snakes, sharks and jellyfish. One of the highlights is the cold domain of the imposing Emperor Penguins: the Falkland Islands. In this area, you can walk across moving ice floes while the penguins swim by below your feet.

  • Address: Diergaarde Blijdorp, Blijdorplaan 8, 3041 JG Rotterdam.

Rotterdam ByCycle

Rotterdam ByCycle organises guided bicycle tours, creating an opportunity to discover Rotterdam in a fun and sporting way. The distinctive green Kronan bicycles can be taken on various bicycle excursions, such as the Inner City tour along the Oude Haven, through the Museumpark and the Scheepvaartkwartier. The Old and New Buildings tour shows a hundred years of Rotterdam architecture in 2.5 hours, from the lovely White Villas from the 1930s to the latest high-rise apartment buildings.

  • Address: Rotterdam ByCycle, Conradstraat 6, 3013 AP Rotterdam.

The Shipping Quarter

The Shipping Quarter, with its gentlemens’ town houses, is still home to shipping offices, exchanges, warehouses, consulates and government offices. The shipping magnates and harbour barons once settled in this old part of Rotterdam. The monumental and often ornate buildings are typical of this period. They followed strict guidelines: riverside elevations had to be elegant and pointed roofs had to be hidden behind ornate gable walls. This ensured that, when seafarers approached Rotterdam from the Maas, their first impression was of a wealthy city of great beauty. The scheepvaart kwartier is officially a conservation area and many of the buildings dating from the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries are on the list of national monuments. As well as the beautiful buildings, there are leafy avenues, the Wereldmuseum , The Dutch Tax & Customs Museum parks, exquisite restaurants, sailors’ bars and the Euromast. The busy Nieuwe Maas river flows alongside the Parkkade, where many Rotterdammers like to sit on the waterfront and dream about maritime ages past.

Westelijk Handelsterrein

It resembles the set of a historical film about Rotterdam, but it is actually the breathtaking, beautifully restored warehouse complex from 1894 in the Scheepvaartkwartier. A double passageway of solid stone opens into the interior. The immense original beams in the ceiling connect galleries, wine importers and bars with grand cafés, luxury restaurants and nightclubs. It looks back to the history of the port, while luxuriating fully in the pleasures of the present. The galleries displaying bronze and stone statues are beside an authentic ship’s galley.

Rebus boat excursions

Boat excursion from Rotterdam to Kinderdijk and back. Leaves daily (april – september) from the centre of Rotterdam with passenger ships. Sailing over the Nieuwe Maas and the Lek Rivers, guided tours in several languages will inform you of all the sights you are passing. After about a 1-hour sail, the ship ties up at Kinderdijk, a historical location known for its 19 traditional windmills, which is now a United Nations global cultural monument. The passengers have 75 minutes to visit one of the windmills. After this interesting and educational hour, you sail back to Rotterdam.

  • Address: Rebus Varende Evenementen, Veerkade 9c, 3016 DE Rotterdam.


This is your chance for a lifetime experience: to race spectacularly on the river Maas. Boarding is possible from 1 participant. During this RIB-Experience of 20 minutes you will go through the ultimate speedkick in an open boat. Hold on tight, ’cause it’s on high speed! You will sail along the Boompjes under the Erasmusbridge, along the Veerhaven to Schiedam. All famous Rotterdam sights will be seen.

  • Start- and finish: Boerengat opposite of the terrace of restaurant Kaat Mossel (near Oostplein).
    Data: every Friday and Saturday from 1st of May untill the end of October.

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