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Schouwburgplein, Rotterdam

Schouwburgplein, Rotterdam

A selection of must visit Rotterdam theatres

In the last ten years Rotterdam has grown into the most vibrant cultural city of Holland. The many cultural and artistic institutions and activities have excellent places to perform in Rotterdam, such as the Rotterdamse Schouwburg, the Luxor Theater and De Doelen. Opera, large musicals and experimental theatre do very well in these venues in Rotterdam.

Rotterdamse Schouwburg

The Rotterdam Schouwburg is located in the heart of Rotterdam, in the famous Schouwburgplein. The Rotterdam Schouwburg offers a wide range of drama, dance, opera and (youth) theatrical performances by, for example, the Productiehuis Rotterdam, and it has four stages.

  • Address: Rotterdamse Schouwburg, schouwburgplein 25, 3012 CL Rotterdam

Luxor Theatre

The Luxor Theatre offers drama, dance, shows, music and musicals, and is particularly well known for all the cabaret it presents. This year more than fifty cabaret performances, lots of musicals and also cabaret and drama in English. Luxor has a number of beautiful halls and foyers, a theatre bar and numerous other areas.

  • Address: Luxor Theater, posthumalaan 1, 3072 AG Rotterdam

De Doelen

Concert and congress building De Doelen is situated in the cultural and professional heart of Rotterdam, only a stone’s throw from Central Station and the shopping district. The combination of concert and congress facilities gives De Doelen a special allure. Every year, De Doelen is home to more than 1200 professional and knowledge-based gatherings, varying from national and international congresses to corporate parties and product presentations.

  • Address: Concert- en congresgebouw de Doelen, schouwburgplein 50, 3012 CT Rotterdam

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