The Hague modern architecture

The Hague Modern architecture

City Hall, The Hague

City Hall in The Hague

A list of The Hague modern Architecture building worthy a visit

De Baljurk

The ‘Baljurk-project” (baljurk = evening-dress) is situated in the centre of The Hague, next to the old Passage.

Het Strijkijzer

Het Strijkijzer (the Flat iron) is currently the tallest residential tower in The Hague and the 14th-tallest all-residential tower in Europe. The development is unique because of its developer’s intention to provide affordable housing for young people. The triangular shape is indented along most of its height, forming a V-shape. The building thus appears differently from every angle, yet can be recognized at once by its prominent overhanging crown.

The Hague City Hall

World renowned architect Richard Meier built the so called “White palace”. The Hague City Hall, opened on 8 September 1995, is a striking, 13-floors building within the international city of peace and justice that combines the old medieval quarter and the modern Nieuw Centrum.

The Souterrain

The building is a sandwich of a subway line with 2 layers of parking on top and a station at either end. Its stretches out below the main shopping street, repeating its outlines, creating a body of underground connections that serves the city from underneath. The project started 1990 with architect Rem Koolhaas as principal.

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