The Hague spa and relaxation

Sunset at Scheveningen beach

Sunset at Scheveningen beach, The Hague

The Hague spa and relaxation

If the beach is not enough. A selection of The Hague spa and relaxation facilities

Kuur Thermen Vitalizee

The hectic pace of modern life takes a lot out of body and mind. Kuur Thermen Vitalizee offers an oasis of rest, which will leave you better able to cope with daily stress. Besides the traditional sauna and a cold plunge you will find ample possibilities to stretch your stay to several hours. How about using the steambaths, the ‘mistgardens’, the outside terrace or the snowcabin. For your relaxation you are welcome to try one of the two whirlpools, herbal baths, Dead Sea ‘floating’ baths, a herbal relaxation room and a swimming pool with perfectly unspoiled view of the sea, the beach and Scheveningen Pier. In case of the hygiene, the use of the facilities is only possible without bathing wear. In some areas wearing a bath rope is obliged. You are able to rent one, just like towels (rent bath rope and towel set Eur 8,50). We advise you to book in advance if you want to pay a visit during weekends and (school) holidays.

  • Address: Kuur Thermen Vitalizee, Strandweg 13f  2586 JK Scheveningen

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