Gay Pride Paris

Gay Pride Paris

- Gay Pride 2012 march -

Gay Pride in Paris, France

Gay Pride Paris Festival

Gay Pride Paris has become one of the city’s most coveted yearly festivals, each June drawing hundreds of thousands of people into the streets of Paris for a lively, colorful street party celebrating diversity.

Paris Gay Pride

Paris celebrates Gay Pride, called Marche des Fiertes LGBT, at the end of June with a massive parade that draws more than 500,000 spectators and participants as well as a series of parties, balls, and other lively events. The streets of Paris are full of people from the lesbian and gay communities – all there to celebrate the Marche des Fiertes LGBT, or Gay Pride. Related Pride Activities includes parties at a variety of clubs throughout the city.

Partying usually spills into the gay-friendly Marais district, where cafes, bars and clubs often offer dinner and drink specials for the “fete”.

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