Gràcia Festa Major

Gràcia Festa Major

Gracia Festa Major Festival Barcelona

Festa Major de Gràcia. Yearly in August.

On an average day, Gracia is a peaceful residentialy neighbourhood north of the city centre of Barcelona, with narrow streets lined with elegant old balconied buildings and shady squares with historic churches and cafe terraces. But for one week in August, everything changes. When the week-long Festa Major takes over Gracia, starting on August 15th, tranquillity goes out of the window, replaced by the Catalans’ typically exuberant taste music and mass celebration in the streets.

Events are held in the area’s brightly decorated streets and squares. Acrobats build amazing human towers; performers dress up as giants and devils to express Catalan folklore. At night, the Festa Major de Gracia inspires live music, dancing, fireworks and general partying outdoors.

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