The Hague sculpture

The Hague sculpture

Sculptures, Lange Voorhout

The Hague sculpture, Lange Voorhout, The Hague

Every year from June to August

In the last fourteen years The Hague Sculpture has made a name for itself with open-air exhibitions of world-class sculptors, for example Fernado Botero, Damien Hirst and Manolo Valdés.

Each edition the exhibition will change the picturesque historical city center of The Hague into an open air museum, with free entrance for everyone and full leisure to visit whenever one feels like it. Great artistic quality, monumentality and a thematic selection are characteristic for The Hague Sculpture.

Reservations can be made for a guided tour at the Lange Voorhout at any day or time that is convenient to you. It’s also possible to combine a sculpture-tour with a boatride through the canals of The Hague.

The Lange Voorhout is situated on a 10 minutes walk from the Central Station.

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