Christmas Canal Parade

Christmas Canal Parade

Amsterdam channels during Christmas time

Christmas channels Amsterdam

Christmas Canal Parade. Every year in December and January

Amsterdam Light Festival is a cultural festival of light and water which literally puts the history of the city in the spotlights and will enchant the visitor. The festival we be officially opened by the mayor of Amsterdam in december. Light sculptures by contemporary (international) artists can be admired in the centre of Amsterdam, and buildings will be lit enchantingly or on the contrary artistically.

And of course you don’t want to miss the main event, the Christmas Canal Parade (mostly mid December), when some 40 boats decorated with lights, music, costumes etc. will parade through the canals, a delight to watch for young and old alike. The wintery parade is warmed up by the singing of choirs, spread along the route. Spectacular, fairytale-like, magical, beautiful scenes will pass by on boats, whereas you are admiring the Christmas Canal Parade on the quay.

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