Queen’s day

Queen’s Day Amsterdam

Kings day in Amsterdam

Queen’s Day Amsterdam..has become King’s Day as of April 2014!

Queen’s Day (in Dutch: Koninginnedag) is a massive celebration in honour of the late Queen Juliana’s birthday. Nowadays Beatrix is wearing the crown but April 30 remains the party date for the Queens birthday.That’s why everybody wears orange, the national color (after all, the Queen hails from the House of Orange). It’s a unique event on 30th of April each year and during the night before – so called Queen’s Night.

The Jordaan

The Jordaan area is the most crowded on the Queen’s Day, not only with traders, food stands and beer taps but also with large groups of people singing traditional Dutch songs. The atmosphere is always friendly and relaxed.

Live music and concerts

During this big streetparty there are bands, aspiring opera singers, teenage rappers, street discos and drum bands. Huge outdoor concerts are organized at various locations, such as Dam square and Museumplein. Other places with live music and DJ’s are Leidseplein and Stoperaplein (at the Waterlooplein). Numerous parties are organized in bars and clubs all over the city.

Relaxed atmosphere

Queen’s Day in Amsterdam attracts each year about 700 thousands visitors, which makes the city crowded. Despite overcrowding, the atmosphere on Queen’s Day is traditionally relaxed and joyful. Usually mild, not too hot weather makes the Queen’s Day the day to be in Amsterdam.

Gay parties and events

29th of April is Queen’s Night, the first celebrations start on the streets, with street festivals (Reguliersdwarsstraat) and performances throughout the city of Amsterdam. All the gay bars are usually very busy. On Queen’s Day itself huge crowds celebrate for all day and all night long around the three main gay areas in Amsterdam. Best gay street parties are in the Reguliersdwarsstraat, at the Amstel and the Roze Wester Festival at the Westerkerk (Homomonument). At night, after the outdoor celebrations, it is time to party at Club Odeon.

Transportation during the Queen’s Day

If you are coming to Amsterdam from out of town, take the train. As the large part of the Amsterdam centre is fully filled with the celebrating crowd, no transport is possible there, you will have to walk. No cars are allowed on Queen’s Day to the Amsterdam centre. All public means of transportation have a special schedule for this day.

As of 2014. Queens’ Day has become King’s Day!

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